Facebook and I are taking a break

Earlier this month, a news story emerged about how Facebook did an experiment on their users by manipulating their data feeds to see if they could manipulate their moods. They could. From the study they found: When you see more positive things, you post more positive things. When you see more negative things, you post […]

A Better Person

Gram and Syl

Josephine Thomas was my best friend’s grandmother. I spent a better part of my teens and early twenties in and around her house. She and her husband, Woody, became the surrogate grandparents I never had. Their home was always open and I was always welcome. Jo or Gram, died on October 1st. She was 93 […]

How to Draw Eyes

I’ve been drawing almost every day as part of my new blog, 10,000 Bad Drawings. I am really bad at drawing eyes. The pupils go in different directions, the irises are different sizes, the eyes are on different planes. If I was drawing Shannon Doherty, I’d be fine, but most people are more symmetrical. I […]