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Gram and Syl

Josephine Thomas was my best friend’s grandmother. I spent a better part of my teens and early twenties in and around her house. She and her husband, Woody, became the surrogate grandparents I never had. Their home was always open and I was always welcome. Jo or Gram, died on October 1st. She was 93 […]

How to Draw Eyes

I’ve been drawing almost every day as part of my new blog, 10,000 Bad Drawings. I am really bad at drawing eyes. The pupils go in different directions, the irises are different sizes, the eyes are on different planes. If I was drawing Shannon Doherty, I’d be fine, but most people are more symmetrical. I […]

10,000 Bad Drawings

We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us, the sooner we get them out the better. – Walt Stanchfield I came across this quote several weeks ago and it has stuck with me. I love to draw. I always have. However, I get out of the habit and then the fear of being bad takes […]

DIY Websites

DIY Websites

I work at the University of California, Irvine. We hosted the annual UC IT conference, UCCSC, this year. Each summer one of the 10 University of California campuses hosts the conference which brings IT professionals together for two days of sessions relating to the work we do. I presented for the first time this year to […]