Weighing Ingredients

Oxo Food Scale  

Oxo Food Scale

In baking, it is often recommended that you measure your dry ingredients with a scale instead of using measuring cups. I really like this method. Not only is it more accurate, but it is faster. I can keep adding ingredients and zero out the scale between each addition. I also have less to clean up, which is always a plus.

I have three digital scales right now. Two of them are Salter scales and the third is a newer one from Oxo. The Oxo is my favorite. I rarely use the others anymore and should sell them or find them a new home. The Oxo has a nice flat profile making storage easy. It has a large display that lights up in low light settings. You can switch between ounces and grams with a button on the front and the display pulls out if you have a large bowl or plate on the platform. It’s easy to clean because the top plate comes off.

One problem with weighing ingredients is that there are different opinions on the weight of dry ingredients. King Arthur Flour recipes use 4.25 oz for a cup of all-purpose flour. Cook’s Illustrated uses 5 oz for a cup of all-purpose flour. That’s a pretty big difference. In general, I use the 5 oz measure for most recipes and only use the 4.25 oz when I’m making a King Arthur recipe, which are quite delicious by the way.

When I bought my first Salter scale it came with a conversion chart. It seems to work well for most dry ingredients.

Baking Conversion Chart

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