Black Soldier Flies

It has been a little more than three months since I began composting. By this time, I should have my first batch of compost ready to spread in the garden. Did my alchemy experiments work to turn garbage into black gold? Not quite. I think my ratio of brown to green compostable materials was too […]

More compost = Less trash

We have been composting now for three weeks. I’ve noticed during that time that the amount of trash we are throwing out has diminished by at least half. The amount of recyclable material is also down a little as some of the paper goods are compostable. We have a 13 gallon waste bin in the […]

Shoo fly, you bother me

I’m at the end of week 2 in my composting journey. It’s kind of exciting (odd, I know) to see the old coffee grounds, orange peels, banana peels, and plant trimmings breaking down already. If I dig down below the top layer, I am now seeing sawdust colored mulchy goodness.  Unfortunately, I also see a […]