How to Draw Eyes

I’ve been drawing almost every day as part of my new blog, 10,000 Bad Drawings. I am really bad at drawing eyes. The pupils go in different directions, the irises are different sizes, the eyes are on different planes. If I was drawing Shannon Doherty, I’d be fine, but most people are more symmetrical. I […]

10,000 Bad Drawings

We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us, the sooner we get them out the better. – Walt Stanchfield I came across this quote several weeks ago and it has stuck with me. I love to draw. I always have. However, I get out of the habit and then the fear of being bad takes […]

I’m drawing again!

I love to draw. You would think I would do it more often, but I have this mental block that if the drawing isn’t good then I shouldn’t do it. It’s similar to writer’s block where you stare at a blank page and have trouble starting. I find I have to give myself permission to […]