Sewing Bug

by | Sep 24, 2009 | Personal

I go through creative phases in my life where I am inspired to make things. Sometimes it revolves around cooking and baking, sometimes drawing, sometimes sewing.

Last month I made a few skirts using a fun book called, “Sew What! Skirts“. The premise of the book is to show you how to make your own patterns to create simple skirts. I made two wrap-around skirts that I wear frequently.

Last weekend, I made new covers for the pillows on the sofa. We have a lovely Room & Board sofa that is covered with a blanket most of the time. We keep it covered so the cats don’t get hair all over it since it is really their sofa and we get to borrow it on occasion. The blanket is easily removed when we have company and the sofa looks like new. We never bothered to cover the pillows and they are starting to show wear in little drool spots, mysterious stains and bits of feather poking through. I had some mid-century style modern fabric in my stock. I had purchased it in the hopes of making place mats or an apron, but the pattern was too big. It was perfect for the pillows, however. With the addition of vintage buttons from my mom’s stash, I had two nifty looking pillows that make the sofa pop — even with the cover on.

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