I’m drawing again!

by | May 3, 2010 | Personal

I love to draw. You would think I would do it more often, but I have this mental block that if the drawing isn’t good then I shouldn’t do it. It’s similar to writer’s block where you stare at a blank page and have trouble starting. I find I have to give myself permission to suck.

Have you ever noticed how most adults will freeze up when they have to do something they consider “art”. Children don’t have these reservations. Give them a crayon and paper and they’ll be content to create without that inner critic hovering over their shoulder telling them they’re not good enough. When does that inner critic appear? Is it in school when you look at your work compared to others and quit when you don’t feel you compare?

I say, let’s take back the joy in drawing and just do it.

I started drawing on a Wacom tablet. I’ve had one for years and just started drawing on it. My husband, Dave, was my inspiration. He spent the entire weekend drawing crows. Each one was better than the one before and the most important part, is that he had fun.

Drawing Blogs

  • Diner Draw – This is a resurrected blog. In 2006 we were drawing while we went to pubs and restaurants. We stopped eating out as much and stopped drawing too. We’re posting our non-crow digital drawings here since we draw at the dining table at home.
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