10,000 Bad Drawings

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Personal

We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us, the sooner we get them out the better. – Walt Stanchfield

I came across this quote several weeks ago and it has stuck with me. I love to draw. I always have. However, I get out of the habit and then the fear of being bad takes over. Like anything, drawing well takes practice. The more I do it, the better I get. This quote helped me realize that it’s okay to draw badly. When we were children, we drew for the joy of it. We didn’t worry if it wasn’t good enough. That came later and that’s a shame.

I started a new drawing blog to collect my 10,000 bad drawings and am inviting like minded people to join. Hopefully not all the drawings will be bad, but even if they are, that’s okay as long as we keep drawing.

10,000 Bad Drawings

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