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by | Nov 15, 2020 | Web & Technology

I have been using Beaver Builder as my default WordPress page builder for several years. Overall, I have been very happy with Beaver Builder and find it to be a flexible and intuitive tool to design websites. The Beaver Builder theme is highly customizable and a joy to work with. The theme and plugin work beautifully together. Beaver Themer is an additional plugin allowing you to create templates that can be used site-wide. That too has been an invaluable tool.

So, why Divi?

So why change something that works so well? I am in the process of working on a large migration project at work. We have been hosting thousands of WordPress websites on campus for more than a decade. We are partnering with a WordPress vendor who specializes in higher education, CampusPress, to take over hosting our sites allowing us the opportunity to work more with our clients to build out sites and worry less about running and patching WordPress. CampusPress did code reviews on all of our current plugins and themes.

CampusPress prefers Divi to Beaver Builder. By going with CampusPress, we will have to migrate our current sites away from Beaver Builder and to Divi. Before agreeing to this change, I spent some time working with Divi to see if I could do the same things I could with Beaver Builder. Although the tools are different, they are similar in many ways. Divi has come a long way since I tried it out a few years ago. In many ways, it is more powerful and more is included with the base purchase.

I renewed my personal license for Divi and decided to transition my personal sites to Divi as well. The main reason was cost. Divi is $89 / year or $249 for lifetime access. I originally paid $70 and have been granted that annual price going forward. I’m not sure if I want to go for the $249 lifetime access as I may change again in a few years. I have been paying for Beaver Builder and the Beaver Themer annually. I’ll give Divi a shot and save some money.

(Update: Keep an eye out for sales. I was able to upgrade to the Lifetime Membership for $128 in March 2021.)

Your mileage may vary. They are both great page builders.

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March 27, 2022