52 in ’22

by | Jan 9, 2022 | Personal

In 2011, a group of my friends started a weekly drawing blog. We started off strong, but over time life got busy and we stopped drawing. It’s been eleven years, and we’re trying it again. This time, it’s a little more flexible in that you don’t have a specific subject, you can post a doodle, works in progress or finished drawings. It’s really just encouragement to draw weekly.

I am focusing on Medieval Bestiaries. My 2021 holiday card was a version of a cat bestiary illuminated illustration. I loved it and received encouragement from folks I sent it to. One friend, who brews beer, asked to use it on a label for a beer he has in the works. I was delighted.

I had two weeks off during the winter holidays which was bliss. My first week back was stressful as I work madly to finish a big web project. I awoke early yesterday and spent the morning drawing. My calmness and bliss returned as I tuned out the world and focused on creating.

The pandemic has hit everyone in different ways, but it’s been universally difficult. Finding ways to stay sane is important. I hope you find your creative outlet. Creating is always better than destroying.

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Updated on:
January 9, 2022