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Fear of Speaking

June 25, 2009

Public speaking has been one of my biggest phobias since I was a child. I used to hope for some catastrophe to befall me on my way to school rather than having to give an oral report. A 6.0 earthquake or being hit by a car seemed like a better alternative than standing in front…

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New Site Using WordPress

April 16, 2009

It took me longer than I had hoped, but I have converted my site over to WordPress. I still have too many blogs in too many locations. I’m trying to decide whether I want to merge them. For now, I’m going to keep them separate and link to them via my Blogroll.  I’m chin deep…

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Wacky for WordPress

August 22, 2008

I’ve become a fan of WordPress. I have used it on this site for both my Cookie Chick food blog and my Drawing blog. I am not the most active blogger, but I have come to greatly enjoy the ease of creating entries and the joy that is WordPress. At work, we are contemplating using…

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