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Drawing Cats

Drawing Cats

I go through periods where I draw almost daily. Then I run out of steam, run out of ideas, and I stop. I'm on a roll lately. I started doodling...

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Little Ipsum

Last weekend, I attended DrupalCamp LA. This is an annual conference that is held on my campus, UC Irvine. It's free and a great way to learn not...

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Save 600 gallons of water per day by going vegan

California is suffering through a severe drought. We are all trying to save water wherever we can. One of the best ways is to cut meat from your diet. You can save almost 600 gallons per day eating a plant based diet! 600 gallons is like taking a 2 hour shower.

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Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye is never easy. If you have to release a beloved pet, consider at home euthanasia. It is a gentle way to let your beloved animal companion go.

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