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drawing of a tabby cat

Drawing Cats

April 4, 2018

I go through periods where I draw almost daily. Then I run out of steam, run out of ideas, and I stop. I’m on a roll lately. I started doodling cats. I was particularly bad at drawing cats and it was frustrating as I love them so much. So, I decided to take the same…

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Little Ipsum

September 2, 2015

Last weekend, I attended DrupalCamp LA. This is an annual conference that is held on my campus, UC Irvine. It’s free and a great way to learn not only about Drupal but web technology in general. I’ve attended many technology conferences over the years including many years of MacWorld Expo, DrupalCamps, WordCamps and UCCSC. What…

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Facebook and I are taking a break

July 26, 2014

Earlier this month, a news story emerged about how Facebook did an experiment on their users by manipulating their data feeds to see if they could manipulate their moods. They could. From the study they found: When you see more positive things, you post more positive things. When you see more negative things, you post…

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