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A Better Person

October 16, 2013

Josephine Thomas was my best friend’s grandmother. I spent a better part of my teens and early twenties in and around her house. She and her husband, Woody, became the surrogate grandparents I never had. Their home was always open and I was always welcome. Jo or Gram, died on October 1st. She was 93…

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10,000 Bad Drawings

August 16, 2013

We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us, the sooner we get them out the better. – Walt Stanchfield I came across this quote several weeks ago and it has stuck with me. I love to draw. I always have. However, I get out of the habit and then the fear of being bad takes…

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Vegan vs. Plant Based

May 7, 2013

Recently, I’ve seen some vegan bashing on Facebook from “plant based” advocates. I think this happens in part because of the confusion of what the term vegan means. People often assume a vegan diet is healthy, but it doesn’t have to be. Plant based dieters want to remove themselves from the term “vegan” to not…

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