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I make my living as a front end web developer. I started creating websites in the mid 1990's writing basic HTML to create a website for my department. The technology has changed greatly in the past 20 years, but the reasons behind creating usable websites have not. My strengths lie in being able to organize information in a way that helps people do what they need to more quickly. I am also a good DIY person, utilizing the tools I have to extend and enhance what can be done. For that, I am eternally grateful to the WordPress community who have given me a virtual Swiss army knife to create websites.

I have been able to create a simple web hosting solution for the University of California, Irvine using WordPress Multisite. We host thousands of small websites and blogs for faculty, staff and graduate students. With few resources, we have been able create a solution for other DIY website creators to share information easily and elegantly.

Professional Websites

OIT WebsiteOffice of Information Technology


The Office of Information Technology is the central computing department at the University of California, Irvine. I have been the main developer for this website for 21 years. We have gone through several name changes, an IT consolidation, and a major revision during this time. This site is the content based site that is user-focused and strives to make finding information about the services we provide usable and intuitive to our clients. It is built using WordPress as the content management system.



Sites@UCI is a campus wide solution for hosting simple websites and blogs using WordPress Multisite. It began in 2009 as a blogging service, but quickly grew as we fulfilled an unmet need for free basic web hosting. As of Winter 2018, we host approximately 2,600 small websites and blogs. Any faculty, staff or graduate student at UC Irvine can create their own site quickly. I am the main administrator and developer for the system and handle advanced support.

Faculty WebsitesFaculty Websites


Faculty Websites is our companion service to Sites@UCI. This is a web hosting solution for Faculty with basic needs. It is also built on WordPress Multisite. Faculty Websites is a more turn-key solution for UC Irvine Faculty. Upon request, a website is created with sample content. We did business analysis to determine common needs of faculty for personal and lab websites. We pre-built pages making it easier for faculty to get started. I am the main administrator and developer for the system and handle advanced support. I also teach quarterly workshops to help faculty get started.

Web Posts

DIY Websites

‘DIY Websites’ Presentation

By Sylvia | August 4, 2019

On July 26, 2019, I gave a presentation at WPCampus in Portland, Oregon to share how UC Irvine has leveraged WordPress Multisite for a popular web hosting options for small websites and blogs. There were technical difficulties with the live-stream and recording. I recorded the session again for the WPCampus website.

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Little Ipsum

By Sylvia | September 2, 2015

Last weekend, I attended DrupalCamp LA. This is an annual conference that is held on my campus, UC Irvine. It’s free and a great way to learn not only about Drupal but web technology in general. I’ve attended many technology conferences over the years including many years of MacWorld Expo, DrupalCamps, WordCamps and UCCSC. What…

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Satisfied Customer (Simple Online Solutions)

By Sylvia | January 20, 2012

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have had a terrible time moving my sites to a different host. My former host and domain registrar, AFMU, got hacked in early December. The only reason I found out is because one of my sites (52drawings) got hacked, too. It was a group drawing blog, so…

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